Pastor Lowell B. Nash

Elder Lowell B. Nash was born and raised in Bartlesville, Oklahoma in a well-rounded and loving atmosphere being enriched with a spiritual inheritance that he received from his parents, Mrs. Ruth Adair Nash and the late Rev. Rudolph M. Nash.  He is the second born child among seven gifted and talented siblings that truly loves the Lord.

Being a "Pillar and Light" in the city of Bartlesville, Elder Lowell B. Nash is known as a faithful and dedicated leader.  His heartfelt efforts have made an impact in the church and the community.

Pastor Nash's vision is to be that influential Spiritual Voice in the local neighborhoods and surrounding cities - by announcing "Good News" to those that are wearied, presenting healing to those that are brokenhearted, proclaiming freedom to those that are captives and to help open the prison doors to those that are bound and need spiritual deliverance.

Under his leadership, Ministries and Programs has been built to aid in the expansion of the Kingdom of God through the expression of Christ Exalting Worship, God Connecting Prayer, Community and Family Relationships, Bible Based Preaching and Teachings, Evangelism and Community Outreach.

Elder Lowell B. Nash has been married to First Lady Valarie Nash 33 years and is found to be temperate, sober-minded, faithful and tender-hearted in their relationship.  First Lady Valarie faithfully serves God, her Pastor, her family, the Miracle Temple Church family and her community.  To this union, God granted three blessed and gifted  children: Tiffany (Sanders), Lowell Brenton II and Brittany in which all three celebrate the gift of salvation and the privilege of serving the Lord.   They also cherish the gift of having a son-in-love Larry K Sanders and four beautiful and smart  granddaughters: Cambrielle, Hazel, Kassidy and Bella.

Pastor Nash serves as Assistant Superintendent in the Sand Springs District.  He enjoys meeting people, playing his guitar, boxing, kickboxing, dominoes, bowling, watching television, spending time with his family and playing with his granddaughters.

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